2500 crore scam in Delhi Municipal Corporations over Commonwealth Games scam: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said that the BJP-ruled municipal corporations had allegedly spent Rs. The Rs 2,500 crore scam is bigger than the Commonwealth Games scam. Kejriwal said the Delhi Municipal Corporation has become a hotbed of scams and corruption. He said that this scam of Rs.

Addressing a special session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly, Kejriwal said, “We did not say anything about two raids on the CBI as there is nothing black in the pulses, but when we demanded a CBI probe into the Rs 2,500 crore scam, they were stealing.” Only those who demanded an investigation were caught in his place. This means that the whole pulse is black. “We demand a CBI probe and strict punishment for those found guilty,” he said.

He claimed that every year there are scams worth Rs 5,000-10,000 crore in municipal corporations giving the necessary approvals for houses.

“It is a very sad day because we are discussing the biggest MCD scam,” Kejriwal said. Rs. The Rs 2,500 crore scam is bigger than the Commonwealth Games scam. People walking on the road also say that there is corruption in the MCD and the same people say that the Delhi government is honest.

Kejriwal said if it was not for the Rs 2,500 crore scam, the money could have been used to build 7500 beds, new hospitals or 12,500 mohalla clinics. He said that this money is the blood and sweat of the people of Delhi, which they pay to the MCD as tax, should be accounted for.

Your national convener asked the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, Ramveer Singh Bidhuri, to conduct a CBI probe into the alleged scam. He said that the end of the dark era of 15 years of BJP rule in the Municipal Corporations was near. MCD also went to court over funding, but said all arrears have been paid.