10 teams in IPL … BCCI AGM 2022 10 teams for IPL tax exemption T20 cricket tspo in Olympics

The governing body of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Thursday approved the entry of two new franchises into the Indian Premier League (IPL) during the 89th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ahmedabad, making it a 10-team tournament from 2022. It was also decided to support the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) exercise to include cricket in the 2028 Olympics.

The IPL Governing Council will outline 10 teams

A board source told PTI that two new teams will be included in the 2022 IPL. “The General Assembly has authorized the IPL Governing Council to include 10 teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL),” BCCI secretary Jai Shah said in a press release. The IPL Governing Council will work on the framework in terms of preparing a program for 10 teams.

Support for the inclusion of the T20 format in the Olympics

In another major decision, the BCCI agreed in principle to support the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) bid to include cricket in the T20 format at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics after some clarifications from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). “The General Assembly has decided to seek further clarification on the International Cricket Council’s proposal to include cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics,” Shah said.

However, the board did not specify what kind of disclosure was required in the case. A senior BCCI source said, “India will support the ICC’s efforts to include cricket in the Olympics. We just need a little more clarification from the ICC and IOC.

BCCI AGM: Arun Dhumal, Sourav Ganguly, Jai Shah, Rajiv Shukla and Brijesh Patel (PTI)

India is hosting the 2021 T20 World Cup

The BCCI has decided to host the World Twenty20 next year if it does not get full tax exemption from the government, as the ICC has demanded, be prepared for a deduction from its annual revenue of Rs 39 crore from the global body. Will go.

The source said, “We have told the ICC that we will approach the government for tax exemption, but if we do not get the exemption, this amount should be deducted from our annual revenue which is about કરોડ 123 million and in this case we will give you about 26 million 70 million Will get the amount of dollars. But India is hosting the 2021 T20 World Cup.

Covid era: Return of female and male players

It was also decided that appropriate compensation would be given to all male and female first-class players in view of the improved local season due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The BCCI is planning to start the home season with the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Championship in January after a delay of several months.

Asked to set aside money for this, a board source said, “The BCCI will give a unit amount of compensation to state units. Now they will make their own list and accordingly they will compensate their female and male players.

The BCCI has decided to hold age group tournaments (senior and junior) along with women’s tournaments (Under-23, Under-19, Under-16) during IPL-14, though there are concerns over India’s epidemic. Is likely to be held.

“We will organize at least one age group tournament and women’s tournament in each category during the IPL,” he said.

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Rajiv Shukla was appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Board

In other decisions, veteran Congress leader Rajiv Shukla was formally appointed vice-chairman of the board, replacing Mahim Verma of Uttarakhand. Brijesh Patel will continue to be the chairman of the IPL Governing Council. Rajiv Shukla has been unanimously elected. Shukla, a former Rajya Sabha MP, had earlier held the post of Vice President while N Srinivasan was the chairman and popular chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Governing Council.

Ganguly will be a director on the ICC board

It is also learned that the General Assembly has decided to continue as a director on the ICC board in favor of Sourav Ganguly. Secretary Jai Shah will represent India on the Committee of Alternate Directors and Chief Officers of the Global Organization.

The organization of women’s Test matches was also discussed in the General Assembly and a two-Test series could be held next year, but the final decision on this will be taken by the BCCI’s Apex Council.

BCCI General Manager (Sports Development) KVP Rao fired

The BCCI has sacked General Manager (Sports Development) KVP Rao, who was asked to resign. Rao, in a sarcastic letter to the state units, described the departure of the BCCI as his happiest day. It has been found that lack of proper planning amid the Covid-19 epidemic is one of the main reasons for excluding Rao.

Former Bihar captain Rao had been working with the BCCI for a long time and had the main responsibility of running domestic cricket.

The umpire-scorer will retire at the age of 60

With this, the retirement age of umpires and scores was raised to 60 years. BCCI accredited scores and umpires will now retire at the age of 60 instead of 55. The source said, “We believe that the umpire and scorer are physically fit like other professionals to work till the age of 60.”

There is no discussion on the conflict of interest on Ganguly

There has been no discussion about Ganguly’s alleged conflict of interest. There has been no discussion about promoting Ganguly’s My 11 Circle fantasy gaming app. It is a direct competitor to the gaming app Dream 11, which is the title sponsor of the IPL. A member of the state unit said, “No questions were asked and contrary to media reports, it was never a topic of discussion.”